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The Morses were humanoids indigenous to Karlatt. They were a species with a spatial level of technology. The Morses were forced to adapt when they became subjects of the xenophobic Galactic Empire.

A peaceful, charismatic people by nature, they developed two principal exports: ambassadors and commercial representatives, many of whom went to Coruscant to work for the government.

Morses could live to be 250 or even 300 years of age. Their hair change color throughout life, eventually being purple in their final years. They had blue antennae like those of insects that gave them excellent abilities of perception. They were similar enough to Humans that the latter species could find them attractive.

Under the Galactic Empire, most Morses were fluent in Basic, and it is unknown if they still spoke any unique languages. However, their capital city, Grand Nord, was sometimes called Kamaib, its name in an ancient Morse dialect.

Notable MorsesEdit