This article is about the Human. You may be looking for the planet named Morton.

Morton was a male Human who lived during the waning years of the Galactic Republic, serving sergeant within the Office of Peace and Security, a law enforcement agency that operated on the planet Cularin. He was a contact of the Thaereian military captain Drom Virbilge and in circa 31 BBY, Virbilge contacted Morton, warning him that there was going to be some trouble at the house of Krol-Pek, a male Cerean who lived in the city Gadrin on Cularin. Virbilge also gave Morton a datacard and told him to give it to the Heroes of Cularin, a group of freelance agents who possessed a datapad containing some information regarding three data transmitters that had been placed on Cularin by the Metatheran Cartel. Morton and a number of OPS troopers then made their way to Krol-Pek's house and captured a group of mercenaries that were attacking the building.