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City jail
Mos Eisley police station
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Mos Eisley, Tatooine[1]

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Rebellion era


Mos Eisley police

The Mos Eisley Police Station, also known informally as city jail,[1] was the main building and headquarters for the Mos Eisley Police Department and it was where they kept their prisoners.[2] By 0 ABY, the jail was overcrowded.[1]


Floor plan of the Mos Eisley Police Station

Though it was a simple local law enforcement facility located in the city's main spaceport, stormtroopers in 0 BBY used its holding cells to detain the Tonnika sisters (in reality Shada D'ukal and Karoly D'ulin in disguise) for Grand Moff Argon. Also, at least one officer was planning on detaining BoShek at the site on behalf of the Imperials. Big Bunji was once detained there.[2]

Along with holding cells the building contained a storeroom for rations, a room for checking the weapons of suspects, and an area for interrogating prisoners.



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