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Mosh Barris was an individual who served as a colonel, and later major in the Imperial Army. He was the senior troop commander aboard the Venator-class Star Destroyer Strikefast.[1]

During the Age of the Empire, Barris was forced to investigate a planet when an alien settlement was spotted, in accordance with the Empire's Unknown Alien protocols. However, upon reaching the planet, Imperial forces were attacked relentlessly by the alien, and many of Barris' men were killed. Barris was forced to evacuate his forces, choosing instead to remove the settlement, and study it back at the Strikefast. When Captain Parck, commander of the Star Destroyer, discovered their return, he outed the alien, who had been hiding on the troop carrier. The alien was arrested, and revealed himself as the Chiss Thrawn. Thrawn was taken to Coruscant, and presented as a gift for Emperor Sheev Palpatine, due to his strategic importance. However, prior to this, Barris was demoted to Major, due to his failings in swiftly capturing the Chiss.[1]


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