"What are you doing here, valley scum?"
―Mothar Drik, to Ciena Ree[src]

Mothar Drik was a second-wave human male child native to the planet Jelucan. Eight years after the Clone Wars, Drik was present at Jelucan's induction ceremony into the Galactic Empire. During the ceremonies, Drik and a number of other children snuck into a nearby hangar to get a closer look at a Lambda-class shuttle. One of the other children was Ciena Ree, of the poorer first wave class. Drik and a few other boys bullied Ree until fellow second-waver Thane Kyrell came to defend her. Drik and Kyrell scuffled with each other until the group of children were discovered trespassing by Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin and his group of junior officers. Drik and his friends fled.[1]

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Mothar Drik, first appeared in the 2015 young adult novel, Lost Stars, written by Claudia Gray.


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