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Mother's Diner, sometimes simply shortened to Mother's, was a space diner that orbited the planet Peekoine and was owned by "Mother", an individual thought to have been a former smuggler. It was built out of a derelict spacedock which "Mother" had "found" and looked like a large platform with a small, prefab building in the middle. It was possible for spacecraft to either land or dock with it on its sides, and it had a passive force field that created a bubble of air over the top of the entire station; visitors could feel free to walk around on it as if it was a giant parking lot. Because of several "creative donations", as well as the fact that it was the only good place to get good food cheaply, Mother's was considered neutral ground between both Rebel and Imperial forces during the Galactic Civil War. "Mother" acquired 2X-NM, a former assassin droid, and reprogrammed it as the cook droid for the station, though it was still known to be able to defend it quite well with a set of Ginsu Knives.

Sometime during the Galactic Civil War, a group of Rebels came to the station to meet with another Rebel contact. Unfortunately, when they arrived, he was being chased by a probe droid and was shot before the droid exploded. The shot did not kill him, however, it simply sent him floating out into space. Fortunately, he was saved by the group before he went past the force field. The Rebel contact managed to get out a garbled message about Jedi and Baronis before lapsing into unconsciousness and being put in a bacta tank.