A Rodian feeling ill on a rocking boat.

"On a ship this big you don't always feel motion. It's designed that way, to keep the passengers from getting motion sickness."
Dash Rendar[src]

Motion sickness, also called "sea-sickness", was a condition that caused nausea and was often aggravated by repetitive motion, such as the rocking of a ship at sea. Many large starships such as Star of Empire were designed to dampen motion to prevent passengers from getting this condition.[1]

The Cularin system criminal Jasper was known to suffer from this condition.[2] The idea of Fian cities on Galantos sitting atop gelatin seas made Tahiri Veila motion sick.[3] Due to their arboreal lifestyle, the insectoid Noehon species were resistant to the affects of motion sickness.[4]



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