"I must get my father to Mount Krisklar immediately, where skingles may eat out his heart, eyes, and liver in respectful fashion."

Mount Krisklar was one of the many mountains of Skye, a planet of the Marat system. In the mythology of Skye's native sentients, the S'kytri, that mountain was considered a goddess. The myths said that the chief god known as the Great Wind once mated with the goddess Krisklar, siring the S'kytri species itself. When a S'kytri died, his or her body was brought to Mount Krisklar for excarnation by flying skingles. During the Battle of Skye[1] in 21 BBY,[2] a number of mortally wounded S'kytri attempted to make for Mount Krisklar before breathing their last.


Notes and referencesEdit

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