The Mount of Justice was a court house built on top of a natural pedestal in the center of Holess capital city. The mount was an essential part of the Holessians society; therefore it was required that every Holessian undertake at least one pilgrimage to the mount in their life. Its importance to Holessian culture meant that it was only used for the most high profile cases, most of which had an impact on a galactic level. The Mount of Justice was often compared to the Tower of Law on Bimmisaari.


Due to the Holessians reverence for laws, the Mount of Justice was built with numerous stately spires that gave it a cathedral-like appearance. A broad processional ramp spiraled up from the mounts monolithic base. The ramp was flanked by low fences made of duranium, which was an abundant resource on the planet. Along the fences were numerous gates that lead to resting areas that were decorated with duranium tablets artistically engraved with laws and edicts. These rest areas were used by the weary pilgrims that would scale the mount. Also along the ramp were the various concession stands used by the public. At the top of the ramp was the mount's enormous entrance, above which rested a colossal holoscreen. This holoscreen could be seen kilometers away and broadcast live coverage of cases as well as advertisements.


During the Yuuzhan Vong War, a turbolaser battery was installed on the summit of the Mount's tallest spire.

In 43 ABY the Mount of Justice played host to the case of Colla-Arphocc Automata versus the Galactic Alliance.


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