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The Mountain of Doom was a naturally-occurring mountain located on the forest moon which orbited the gas giant Endor.


A mountain on the forest moon of Endor, the Mountain of Doom was named by the native Ewok population and feared due to the Frost Giants which inhabited it. The mountain was pocked by caves which were filled with crystalline formations that dove deep into the heart of the mountain. Within one of these caves, the King of the Frost Giant's resided and maintained a throne room from which he ruled. The fire plant grew on the mountain's rocky surface and was feared by the Frost Giants and valued by the Ewoks. Ewok legend alleged that no Ewok had ventured to the mountain and returned to tell the tale. To prove the legend false and retrieve the rare fire plant, Ewoks Teebo and Wicket Wystri Warrick hiked to the mountain and survived.[1]


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