"Shank of mousta, Chef. Sautéed and cooked rare, with a side of charred fruit."
―Relva Jace presents a dish containing mousta meat during the cooking competition[src]

Mousta were a type of creature from which a shank cut of meat could be obtained for use in cooking. The human chef Relva Jace prepared a sautéed shank of mousta cooked rare with a side of charred fruit as his entry into the first round of a cooking competition meant to determine the next sous-chef at the castle of the pirate Maz Kanata on the planet Takodana. The castle's head chef Strono Tuggs, who had asked the contestants to prepare a breakfast platter, found the meat satisfyingly pungent but along with his fellow judges J'Nell and Carly agreed the dish was uninspired and lacked salt, resulting in Jace leaving the competition.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Mousta first appeared as a meat in the short story "A Recipe for Death", which was written by Landry Q. Walker and released on April 5, 2016 as part of the Tales from a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Aliens: Volume I anthology book.


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