Mring-Mring was the king of the Gupins on the Forest Moon of Endor. Born sometime before the Battle of Yavin, he was the brother of Oobel and the cousin of Punt. Unlike most Gupins, Mring-Mring was born without wings. For this, he was outcast from the Gupin stronghold in the Endorian Grasslands.

When the Ewok Deej Warrick took ill, Mring-Mring got the blame. Deej's sons, Wicket, Willy and Weechee, exonerated Mring-Mring and set him free. Mring-Mring then helped the Ewoks find the necessary medicinal herbs to cure their father.

Mring-Mring and his brother, Oobel, met the Ewoks sometime later and told them that the Gupin Renewal Ceremony (which gave the Gupins their shapeshifting powers) was in jeopardy because the Grass Trekkers had taken the key to the Juniper Chest from Punt, the Gupin king. The Gupins and Ewoks set out to the Endorian Grasslands to recover the key. They did so, and Mring-Mring successfully opened the chest and initiated the Renewal Ceremony. Afterward, he had grown wings, and he was made the Gupin king per an ancient prophecy.

Behind the scenesEdit

Mring-Mring was voiced by Ron James.



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