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Mssan was a group of 3 Cargo ferries that the Galactic Empire used to ferry TIE Defender prototypes to, then, Admiral/Legends Thrawn. When modified corvette group Hashim was disabled by an ambush by Rneekii Pirates that was driven away by Imperial Ace Maarek Stele, Mssan was called to pick up the TIE Defenders. Mssan 1 was to dock with Hashim 1, Mssan 2 was to dock with Hashim 2, and Maarek, piloting the third TIE Defender was to board Mssan 3.

However, the first two arrived at the scene 20 Klicks and a small Rebel strike force arrived with the intention of destroying the ferries. Stele left to eliminate the Rebels, but while he was engaging them another pirate faction known as the Nami sent their own strike team and captured Hashim 1, before Stele could intervene. To make matters complicated Rogue Grand Admiral Zaarin sent his own TIE Defenders, which were defeated by Stele and the Rneekii returned with a Mon Calamari light cruiser Sumpntodo with Z-95 Headhunters, which were driven of by Maarek Stele.


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