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"Unidentified Mu-class shuttle! Please transmit ID."
―Imperial Harbour Control[src]

The Mu-class shuttle was a model of hyperspace-capable shuttle that shared structural similarities with the Lambda-class shuttle and the Sentinel-class landing craft. It had two long fold out stabilizers, and was equipped with a top-mounted mining laser. Auric and Rhyssa Graf, a couple of explorers, owned a Mu-class shuttle christened Whisper Bird.


Bird in flight

A Mu-class shuttle with its wings deployed

The Mu-class shuttle was a transport starship that greatly resembled[1] the Lambda-class shuttle[3] and the Sentinel-class landing craft, two models manufactured by Sienar Fleet Systems.[4] It had two long lateral wings that folded out during flight operations, and folded up for landing. The shuttle's cockpit was located in a tabular, elongated module connected to the rest of the fuselage by a "neck" and equipped with a transparisteel viewport. With its swing-wing design and beak-like head, the Mu-class superficially looked like a bird, especially with its landing gear extended.[2]

In addition to their sublight drives,[2] Mu-class vessels were equipped with a hyperdrive and a navigation computer, which allowed them to jump to lightspeed and travel through hyperspace.[1] The shuttle required a crew of two, a pilot and a co-pilot/navigator, but its cockpit was roomy enough to accommodate two additional individuals. Though not properly equipped for combat, the Mu-class still had a mining laser mounted on the top of the ship.[2]


Mu-class shuttles saw use during the reign of the Galactic Empire, an authoritarian government that replaced the Galactic Republic at the end of the Clone Wars. One such ship, the Whisper Bird, belonged to Auric and Rhyssa Graf,[1] a couple of interplanetary explorers who sought to map the galactic region known as Wild Space.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Mu-class shuttles first appeared in Star Wars 79: The Big Con, the seventy-ninth issue in the Marvel Star Wars Legends series of comics. They became canon when they appeared in Adventures in Wild Space, a junior novel series published by Egmont UK Ltd in 2016.


Notes and referencesEdit

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