Mub Tyeb was a male Sullustan who lived in Soboll on Cularin during the Clone Wars.


Tyeb was a sensors expert and he worked as a consultant for the Thaereian military forces in Soboll, who employed him to monitor, maintain and upgrade their security systems. He was also an informer for the Cularin Militia and provide them with information on these systems. When the Thaereians withdrew all their forces on Cularin to Soboll, Tyeb went into hiding in house. The Heroes of Cularin, who were working for the Militia, visited him and asked him to give them any information he had about the location of the Thaereian commander in Soboll, Kurth San, who they planned to capture. He told them that San was in his command center, which was heavily guarded. However, Tyeb had created the security systems there and he offered to create a hole in them so that the heroes could enter the base undetected. The heroes set out to infiltrate the base and Tyeb remained in his house and used a computer to activate the holes he had programmed into the security systems.