A multi-painting was a specific type of painting. As the name implied, the work was composed of at least two paintings, one on each side.

The only known example of such a painting in existence was a two-sided painting known as Forces Under Siege, one side of which contained a Rebel-oriented and called Victory of the Rebel Alliance, and the other side contained an Imperial-oriented and called Triumph of the Galactic Empire.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Multi-Painting was awarded to players following the release of Game Update 15. It was received by players whose accounts were in good standing before February 1 and continued to be in good standing after March 1, as a way to gain both paintings as a bonus. The Forces Under Siege was the only known painting in this category in the game.

The painting has a number of "modes" that can be accessed via the "painting controls" option in the radial menu. These modes are:

  • Rebel Painting - shows the Victory of the Rebel Alliance painting.
  • Imperial Painting - shows the Triumph of the Galactic Empire painting.
  • Cycle Paintings - will automatically switch appearance between the two paintings on a timer.
  • Reflect Planetary Control - will automatically switch the painting to show the winning faction in the Planetary Control Game for the current planet.
  • Reflect Galactic Control - will automatically switch the painting to show the faction that controls the galaxy.


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