The Multiple Missile Launch Turret, or Trandoshan MMLT was a turret manufactured by Arakyd Industries that fired anti-personnel rockets. During the Battle of Kashyyyk, Trandoshans used these weapons against Wookiees and clone troopers. It shot small rockets at foes at a high velocity and with a delayed explosion. They were effective against Katarn-class commando armor and Wookiees. It was manned by one Trandoshan. It was armored with a blast shield in the front so the only way to infiltrate it was with detonators, anti-armor rounds, or LJ-50 concussion rifle rounds.

Behind the scenesEdit

It first appeared on the Star Wars: Republic Commando website, where it was only described as a "Trandoshan MMLT", though the meaning of the acronym was not given. After the game's release in 2005, where it first appeared, Prima Games released the official guide, which described the weapon as well as giving it the name "Multiple Missile Launch Turret".



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