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Dr. Mulus Cheems was a male mineral analyst who was held captive by Imperial Admiral Kosh Teradoc in 13 ABY on the world of Ryvester. He was freed from Teradoc's grip in one of Ryvester's bars by Wraith Squadron, who had lured the Admiral out with a false, apparently-valueless artifact, which Cheems said was real even though he knew it wasn't. After he was freed, the members of Wraith Squadron explained not only was their mission to save him, but also to assassinate Teradoc with the false artifact, which was really a series of explosives wired together, set to go off once it was secure in the Admiral's base.

Cheems later aided the reformed Wraiths years later in 44 ABY by providing gems to decorate a disguise made for Clawdite actor Turman Durra as part of a ruse to draw out traitorous General Stavin Thaal to Kuratooine. Cheems' adopted Yuuzhan Vong son, Viull Gorsat, was part of the Wraiths at this time, and engineered the disguise for Durra so the actor could emulate a local sentient species that had woken up from a long hibernation and was ostensibly interested in a lucrative trade in valuable gem-encrusted 'art' with the general. The ruse was successful and ultimately resulted in Thaal's exposure, disgrace, and capture.

Behind the scenesEdit

Cheems was created by Aaron Allston for the tenth installment of the X-wing novel series, X-Wing: Mercy Kill.


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