The Munifex-class light cruiser, colloquially known as the Class 1000 cruiser, was a light cruiser design from Kuat Drive Yards, used by the Trade Defense Force and the Galactic Empire.


The Munifex-class was originally used by the Trade Defense Force and gained its nickname from the number of ships initially ordered.[2]

Around 214 BBY, a group of transport businesses in the Rseik Sector decided to join the Trade Federation. They were burdened by pirates, and the Defense Force sent a flotilla including a Captor-class heavy munitions cruiser and two Munifex-class cruisers to stop the pirates.[3]

Relatively heavily-armed for its size, but not boasting the fastest hyperdrive, it was not as prominent in the Galactic Civil War as ships like the Carrack-class cruiser and the Star Galleon-class frigate, and may have been found primarily in relatively low-priority sectors.[1]

For instance, in the remote Minos Cluster, the Class 1000 cruiser Intrepid served as the guard ship for the asteroid prison in the Gesaril system.[1]

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