The Muntuur stones were a famous set of seven stones, which were used to train Jedi in telekinesis. Inspired by the rock gardens within the ancient Gardens of T'alla, the stones were a powerful meditation tool.


According to unverified legend, the Jedi Master Ferleen Snee once lifted all seven of the stones high above his head using only the Force, and proceeded to have them whirling through the sky in an unprecedented display of telekinesis. Regardless if the legend is true, the stones are nonetheless kept in the Kuddaka chamber of the Jedi Temple; here, Jedi can test their telekinetic ability by seeing how many stones they can lift simultaneously. With each stone weighing at least a ton, and the heaviest stone weighing at over five tons, merely jostling a stone was marked as an achievement by a Padawan, with Jedi Knights being able to lift several at a time. Only masters of telekinesis were able to lift more than four at a time though; with Yoda only being able to lift five after he passed seven hundred years of age, Fae Coven being able to lift six only after entering a deep and long meditation, and Ferleen Snee - if the legend is true - being the only recorded Jedi to lift all seven.


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