Ivernus: "What in the Emperor's name is that?"
Pirell: "Murghir! What…?"
Murghir: "The name's Murghir, Admiral Ivernus. I'm a bounty hunter on the Great Hunt, and I'm here to kill you."
―Murghir reveals her true identity[src]

Murghir was a female Cathar bounty hunter who lived during the Cold War. She participated in the Great Hunt, where one of her targets, an Imperial admiral brought her to the war torn planet of Balmorra. There, she posed as a loyal servant to Lieutenant Major Pirrell. Pirrell wanted to surpass his superior, Colonel Sartius. Therefore, he enlisted the help of a Young unidentified bounty hunter. He tasked this hunter to cause many unfortunate mishaps on Sartius's important missions. This angered Ivernus to the point of where he came down to Balmorra itself to personally execute Pirell himself. Little did Pirell know that this hunter was in the Great Hunt also and their target was Ivernus. As Ivernus came into the spaceport, the hunter killed Ivernus, then Murghir, their competition.


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