Murk was the primary star[4] of the Murk system,[3] located in the Moddell subsector of the Inner Zuma Region, at the western reaches of the Outer Rim Territories.[1] It was a red dwarf,[4] and, as of 43 ABY,[5] was impossible to spot with the naked eye from the inhabited planets of the subsector.[4] Its sole orbital body[3] was the asteroid[6] Murk.[3]

The Moddell subsector and its systems, including the Murk system, belonged to the Unknown Regions until 50 BBY, when it was admitted as a freestanding subsector. The region, however, remained obscure until 3 ABY, when the Galactic Empire began constructing the Death Star II—a 900-km spherical battlestation armed with a superlaser and thousands of other weapon batteries[7]—around the forest moon Endor[8] in the cognominal system.[9] To undertake this project, the Empire utilized S-thread boosters to create a new hyperlane—the Sanctuary Pipeline—leading into the region. The Murk system became the penultimate stop on the new route,[4] with the asteroid Murk becoming an Imperial transfer station.[6]

Following the defeat of the Empire and the destruction of the Death Star II in the Battle of Endor at the hands of the Rebel Alliance,[10] the transfer station in the system was abandoned, and claimed by the Shell Hutt Tagoonta.[6] The theft of S-thread boosters and natural decay eventually erased the Pipeline after the battle.[4]


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