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The planet Murkhana was a major Separatist bastion during the Clone Wars.


Prior to the Clone Wars Murkhana was a world noted for its spectacular natural beauty, particularly its coral reefs. After the Clone Wars, as a result of the fierce battles and orbital bombardment the planet's ecosystem collapsed and the planet became a toxic mess. The planet's infrastructure was devastated by the war and the local population came to rely upon the black market for the most basic of goods.[1]

During the war, the planet was the home of a plot by Count Dooku to enable Separatist propaganda shadowfeeds into the HoloNet, prompting a series of Republic attacks led by Captain Wilhuff Tarkin which foiled Dooku's intentions. Immediately after the war, the planet was also the site of one of Darth Vader's very first missions for the Empire during which he affected the execution of, at the very least, a Black Sun racketeer.[1]

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