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Museum of Flight

The layout of the Museum of Flight.

The Museum of Flight was located in Nelson Boulevard on the planet Harridan. It consisted primarily of a circular edifice surrounding its outdoor aviary. Also, extending on either side of the building along the front of the entrance, were two straight wings. Upon entering the museum from the main entrance, you would be met with another set of double doors leading into the central courtyard. Through these doors was the aviary, which was filled with hundreds of colorful native birds. In the other parts of the building, the corridors were lined with exhibits of flight-related things, including paintings, sculptures, photo displays, and dioramas. Included in these displays were native birds and insects, as well as a gliding lizard and models of man-made objects such as kites, gliders, planes, repulsorlift vehicles, and spacecraft. Each display had a plaque underneath it, naming the exhibit and identifying each model as having sprung from Harridan. When a group of Rebels entered this building looking for Egot Pai-4-Yem, they noticed a model of their smugglers ship which was named the Minnow Hawk. Upon closer examination of this model, they noticed it was pointing towards one of the emergency exits. When they exited through this exit, however, an emergency alarm went off causing museum security to come to see what the problem was. By that time the group had exited the museum and entered The Boneman's Rest just across the street.