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Mushroom Cutting ceremony

Mushroom Cutting ceremony with Marja Lang, Herron Dade, Kaiya Adrimetrum, and Gorak Khzam

The Mushroom Cutting ceremony was an annual event on Gandle Ott. A holdover from the first days of the colony's existence, it symbolized the first imported crops grown for self-sufficiency. The ceremony consisted of cutting the stalks of several cattarash mushrooms, then brewing them into a tea. Then, all present at the ceremony would drink the beverage.


In 8 ABY, the ceremony was performed shortly after the arrival of New Republic representatives from the CR90 corvette FarStar. Several officers from the corvette attended the ceremony, along with Acting-Governor Marja Lang and General Herron Dade. In this case, the ceremony was reinterpreted as a declaration of independence from the Empire.



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