"They are paid to do as they're told—They are mine to command."

Boss Musori was a male Chagrian leader of a slaver gang that operated on Telerath following the Clone Wars. He made a deal with Ken-Kiba and his spice gang to settle disputes only with bladed weapons, known as the Sword law.


"And I have to say, Demanna, for one who claims that, "a warrior stands or falls by the strength of his own right arm," I'm surprised that you can put up with taking orders from this... civilian."
―Dass Jennir, to Mors Demanna[src]

In 19 BBY his best swordsman, Mors Demanna, told him about an encounter with a man who had displayed incredible skills. Musori ordered Demanna to offer the stranger a place in the gang, and kill him should he refuse.

Demanna later brought Jennir to the slaver compound, where he bested him in sworded combat. Musori encouraged the Human not to feel shame, as few were Demanna's equal in skill or honor. Jennir retorted, however, insulting Demanna and stating that neither he nor Musori were honorable, as they dealt in the lives of sentients, and walked out.

Dass Jennir would later destroy the spice gang's refinery on Telerath's second moon and leave evidence suggesting Musori's gang was behind it. The mainly-T'surri gang then launched an attack on the mostly-Chagrian composed compound with blasters. Musori acted cowardly and dishonorably, attempting to flee while sending his subordinates to their deaths fighting. However, Musori was captured and later decapitated by Ken-Kiba, his head displayed on a pike.


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