"Come visit Mustafar, one of the hottest vacation destinations in the Galaxy! Ride a lava flea on an exciting volcanic tour or ride down the lava river on a heat shielded repulsorlift platform. Either way, a vacation to Mustafar is one you and your family will never forget!"
―A Mustafar Travel Advertisement[src]

Mustafar Travel Advertisement was a title of an advertisement poster which sought to lure spacers to the dangerous world of Mustafar. It was similar to the Hoth Travel Advertisement.


The poster depicted what appeared to be the Mensix Mining Facility, alongside a flowing river of lava with volcanoes in the background. The Aurebesh text read, "Visit the Wonder of Mustafar."

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A Mustafar Travel Advertisement is a decorative item in the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies which players can obtain as a loot item from the Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game.



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