The Muvon II was the name given to a Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-1300 light freighter that the crew of the FarStar recovered from the Q'Maere Research Facility. The vessel was originally seized from a free-trader attempting to scout the Kathol Rift. Doctor Langstyn Kraay had the original owner incarcerated with the prison population, and he was killed attempting to escape. When Moff Kentor Sarne stripped the facility of staff and military personnel, he also damaged the freighter to stop the rest of the staff leaving. Doctor Kraay intended to repair the ship and escape, but never had the chance. After the FarStar took control of the facility, the ship was pronounced repairable and added to the ship's complement as a replacement for the Muvon which had been stolen by Gorak Khzam on Uukaablis. Brophar Tofarain and Lofryyhn worked to repair the vessel, and named it the Muvon II.