MyComyc was a 16-issue anthology comic series released in 1986-1988 by the Spanish publisher Editorial Gepsa. The MyComyc issues featured two-pagers based on several popular cartoons at the time, including Inspector Gadget, David the Gnome, Tom and Jerry, and The Pink Panther. The first eight issues also included exclusive short comics based on the Star Wars Droids and Star Wars: Ewoks animated TV series. The canonicity of those stories is currently considered ambiguous,[1] although both the first and the second parts of the Blog series The Droids Re-Animated used information from the MyComycs series, with the second part specifically confirming that the events of Sabotaged Droid and Troublesome Outing were canonical.[2] In addition, the final five Droids comics were mentioned by Jeff Ferguson to arbitrarily take place post-Mungo in the timeline.[3] In addition, Pena also indicated that the canonicity of the MyComyc franchise was ambiguous in the sense of The Clone Wars TV series and the upcoming Disney sequels.[4] As with other such material released prior to April 25, 2014, any canonical status applies only to the continuity of Star Wars Legends.[5]

Droids comicsEdit

Ewoks comicsEdit

Notes and referencesEdit

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