Mygo Skinto was a female Human who devoted her life to helping the disaffected children of various war-torn worlds. This stemmed from the disappearance of her parents at an early age. Skinto's physical development stopped shortly after the loss of her parents, and she used this to her advantage, often disguising herself as a young child. She became a Rebel operative during the Battle of Miztoc City[2] and continued to offer information to the New Republic upon its formation in 5 ABY.[1]

In 6 ABY she investigated the industrial nightmare world of Reuss VIII and learned of the illegal donation trade being perpetuated on the populace by crime lord Torel Vorne and the Reuss Corporation. She brought the plight of the Reussi and especially the so-called Rust Rats (mostly orphaned children) to the attention of the New Republic and was part of a New Republic Intelligence mission to disrupt Vorne's operations led by Major Bren Derlin.[1]

Following the success of the mission she remained on Reuss VIII to manage relief efforts.[1]



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