Captain Myle Jandler was a male law enforcement officer who served Duttes Mer. When Lando Calrissian was hanging out in a bar, Jandler entered the Cantina, despite being banned from the house and threatened Calrissian and the droid operators with a blaster. After being distracted by Lando and Vuffi Raa, he was knocked down by the bartender with a chair.

Later, Jandler met Calrissian again on Rafa V and demanded to hand the Sharu key from him. He and his men had been hired by Duttes Mer to retrieve the key. The project failed, however, as Raa arrived with the Millennium Falcon and threatened Jandler, he had to get himself and his people back from Lando to their ship. They were eventually sent to Rafa XI by a special program, with no communication.

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