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The Myomaran people's homeworld was briefly re-occupied by the Galactic Empire during Grand Admiral Thrawn's offensive in 9 ABY. The Myomarans formed an organized resistance movement during the Imperial occupation. One of these resistance cells was armed by a Bith armorer. During the Caamas Document crisis of 19 ABY, an Imperial agent named Drend Navett on Dordolum used a Bith-made grenade captured from this resistance cell while instigating and escalating an anti-Bothan riot.

Behind the scenesEdit

As they are only mentioned to date in one passage in Specter of the Past, it is uncertain if "Myomaran" was the name for a distinct sentient species, or simply the name for the inhabitants of a particular world. The only definite information from this novel is that the Myomarans were not Bith.

The name of the Myomaran homeworld is also not mentioned. A planet Myomar, is, however, mentioned in several other sources.


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