Myrette "Rette" Davani was a Human female, the daughter of Nils and Haryette.


Davani was born on Beheboth to a veteran of the Clone Wars.[1] She enrolled in the Coruscani Pilot Institute training to become a TIE pilot, and became best friends with her classmate Shira Brie. In 0.5 ABY she left CPI, second in her class behind Shira, and they transferred to the Academy of Carida for their final year, where they remained bunkmates and close friends.

In one training battle with MT-STs, Brie's vehicle was armed with fully-operational weapons, which killed a dozen enemy cadets. Horrified, Davani informed her parents. Unbeknownst to her, Brie had been selected by Darth Vader for training in the dark side of the force.

Davani graduated salutatorian from the Naval Academy and served with the 722nd "Copperheads" and served in flight ops on the Attaintor. She attained the rank of Flight Captain and flew as Soontir Fel's wingman in the 181st Imperial Fighter Wing.[1]

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