The Myrialites were a group of separatist Argazdans during the Kanz Disorders (3970 BBY3670 BBY). They were led by the Provisional Governor Myrial and were based in the Kanz sector. During the Mandalorian Wars, the Myrialites seceded from the Galactic Republic, denouncing it as corrupt and faithless. After conquering the Kanz sector, they established an independent state known as the Argazdan Redoubt.

During the Kanz Disorders, they subjugated and enslaved the Lorrdians to punish them for supporting the Amaltannan resistance. The Myrialites forbade their Lorrdian slaves from speaking, forcing them to develop a secret language involving subtle body gestures known as kinetic communication. In 3670 BBY, the Myrialites were defeated by Jedi and Republic forces under Jedi Master Mari-Elan Nora.



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