The Myrkr SS-23 was a model of Sewage Spreader agribot produced on the planet Myrkr. Droid-like in its aspect, simple in its function, its large tank rode upon wheels.

The crude-looking machine, into which foul matter was poured, featured a jet nozzle that could spread muck, slop and fodder in a wide arc. It also had a narrow jet setting and an ejection speed that ranged from low to maximum (at which point it became nothing less than a sewer cannon).

At least one such agricultural service droid was owned by Gardulla the Hutt, which she employed in the creation and maintenance of her luxurious if notorious pleasure garden within her Tatooine palace near the Dune Sea.

In 32 BBY, one week before the Boonta Eve Classic, young Anakin Skywalker, while fleeing from a sinister band of escaped-slave trackers near one of the garden's walled thickets, used the Myrkr SS-23 as a weapon against the professional podracer-turned-criminal, Sebulba the Dug, to quickly and most efficiently mask his own identity—a 'cover up' that clearly went beyond the simple Jawa cloak that Anakin wore. To accomplish this, the boy slave, manning the Myrkr SS-23, gave Sebulba a shower to his face and body, the like of which the Dug may never have before experienced. Without a doubt, the jettisoned spray served as the perfect 'cloak', and the boy was never recognized.