N'tain Xalis was a male agent who served the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War.


Xalis was the leader of Sandwind Team cell, with eleven operatives coordinating Rebel activities in Arkanis sector from a farm on Motesta, Tatooine. They also used contacts and unofficial foster agents.

Although Xalis wanted to work with relative stillness, Tatooine was a difficult place for him: The search for the Death Star plans and later the hunt of Adar Tallon perturbed Xalis's activities. Afterward, a rogue Ghorfa known as the Jundland Banshee vandalized Xalis's equipment (such as communication sub-anchors 3 and 12). Besides, the Banshee's activities could lead to an increase in security presence, such as more stormtroopers, which could mean the end of Sandwind team.

For a time, Xalis had to go to Elus sector. Meanwhile, he was replaced by Rebel officer Adazian Liebke, who also had problems with the Jundland Banshee.

Xalis also helped Tay Vanis to hide when he was being chased by Moff Murquan.

Xalis eventually wrote a report for The Task Force on Alliance Security about the threat posed by the Jundland Banshee. Liebke and Vanis supported Xalis during it.