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N-3RO was a droid who worked for Jek-14 on Zoh. He and his fellow droids were castaways who respected Jek-14 for looking after their well-being. Due to his past experience, N-3RO had a hatred for sentient beings apart from Jek-14; whom he revered as the Maker of Zoh. When the Freemakers arrived, N-3RO viewed them as a corrosive influence on the Jek-14 and managed to turn the other droids against them.

When Jek-14 refused to see "reason", N-3RO attempted to disintegrate the Maker along with the Freemakers. However, he was stopped by the Freemakers' servant B1 battle droid Roger who stood up for his masters. N-3RO and the other droids were caught up in an attack by Naare and Graballa. Following the attack, BL-OX bound N-3RO with a restraining bolt as punishment for turning them against the Maker.


Freemakers Maker of Zoh

N-3RO meets the Freemakers

The intrudersEdit

N-3RO was a decommissioned droid who ended up on the junkyard world of Zoh. There, he joined a community of droids who had been discarded by their owners including several B2 super battle droids, dwarf spider droids, and mouse droids. Due to his experiences with sentient beings, N-3RO harbored a hatred for most sentient beings with the exception of the former Sith clone Jek-14, who could use the Force to create beautiful double helix structures out of junk. Jek-14 was known as the Maker of Zoh and came to be regarded as the natural leader of the droids.[1]

Following the Battle of Hoth, a family of scavengers known as the Freemakers arrived on Zoh. Upon landing, N-3RO and a part of droids greeted the Human strangers and their modified B1 battle droid Roger. Roger tried to convince N-3RO and his companions that the Freemakers did not pose a threat. However, N-3RO disagreed after learning that Roger's transmission pack had been removed by his owners. A brief fight broke out between the droids and the Freemakers but was broken up by Jek-14.[1]

Jek-14 was convinced of the Freemakers' peaceful intentions and allowed them to harvest scrap material. He also set his mouse droid Fixer to repairing N-3RO and the other damaged droids. Jek-14 also agreed to train the Force-sensitive Rowan Freemaker in the ways of the Force. Despite Jek's assurances, N-3RO still despised the strangers and regarded them as a corrupting influence on the Maker. He managed to turn the other droids including the simple-minded BL-OX against the Freemakers.[1]

Turning against the MakerEdit

Jek 14 Rowan droids

N-3RO turned the droids of Zoh against the Maker and the Freemakers

Putting his plans into action, N-3RO tried to win Roger over by exploiting minor disagreements in the relationship between Roger and the his Freemaker masters. N-3RO treated Roger to an oil bath in order to prevent the battle droid from interfering in his plans to eliminate the Freemakers. While Roger was relaxing, N-3RO gave BL-OX orders to proceed with his plan. Under N-3RO's direction, BL-OX lured Kordi and Zander into a trap. Before the droids could finish them off, Rowan and Jek arrived on their improvised speeders. Jek tried to reason with the droids but N-3RO had succeeded in convincing them that the Freemakers were a threat.[1]

When the Maker refused to support N-3RO's actions, the droids turned on Rowan and N-3RO. After recapturing the humans, N-3RO and the droids prepared to "deactivate" them; having deemed the Maker irredeemable. Before they could terminate their prisoners, Roger turned up and defended his masters. He pointed out that despite his disagreements with the Freemakers he still regarded them as family. When N-3RO asked whether Roger was siding with the humans over his droid brethren, Roger replied that he was both a droid and a Freemaker. Roger then reattached his transmission pack, which alerted Naare and Graballa to their position.[1]

At first nothing happened and Roger suggested negotiations. However, N-3RO ordered the droids to terminate him and the humans. Before they could carry out their sentence, Naare's starship Eclipse Fighter and Graballa's starship Rancor's Fist arrived. Despite N-3RO's threats, the droid was blasted aside by the Rancor's Fist. The Freemakers and Roger managed to escape while Jek-14 made an apparent last stand against Naare, who was a Sith agent of Darth Sidious and Darth Vader. N-3RO survived the battle only to find that he had been fitted with a restraining bolt. BL-0X confronted N-3RO and told them that the droids should not have listened to him and blamed him for killing the Maker. At that point, the Maker's Hand surfaced from a scrap of debris; showing that he had survived the battle.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Roger oil bath Maker of Zoh

N-3RO trying to turn Roger against the Freemakers

N-3RO was a discarded droid that bore a lot of resentment against sentient beings for consigning him to the junkyard world of Zoh. He respected Jek-14, the former Sith clone who had become the Maker of Zoh. N-3RO was adept at manipulating the other droids into turning against the visiting Freemakers. N-3RO believed that the Freemakers were corrupting the Maker and that the droids would be discarded a second time. In order to prevent that, he was willing to kill the Freemakers. When the Maker proved unwilling to support N-3RO's actions, he turned the other droids against Jek-14 as well. Despite N-3RO's attempts to turn Roger against the Freemakers by exploiting perceived slights and treating him to an oil bath, the B1-battle droid remained loyal to his masters. [1]

Behind the scenesEdit

N-3RO is voiced by French Stewart in the LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures "The Maker of Zoh", which first premiered on Disney XD on August 8, 2016.


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