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NLZ5-11 Dragon was a rare medium class powersuit model manufactured by SoroSuub Corporation. It provided protection for the head, torso, arms and legs against kinetic and energy attacks.


The suit provided extra strength to the wearer and came with a sensor system that provided 180 macrobinocular vision and a Multi-Frequency Targeting and Acquisition System. A protective climate controlled body glove was also standard equipment as was as sealed enviro filter. In addition a defensive blaster was mounted along side the helmet, twin flamers were mounted on the left forearm armor, and a small missile launcher was mounted on the shoulder armor.


The armor was originally designed for use by SoroSuub and Sullustan security forces and was well suited to dealing with large groups of poorly armed individuals and vehicles. The prototype suit and all plans disappeared around the time that SoroSuub allied themselves with the Galactic Empire.


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