The NR-1100 slicer droid was a droid used to hack into restricted data networks.



A NR-1100 with a BL-series Battle Legionnaire

The NR-1100 had a small body, with a weak repulsorlift engine for movement. It had 2 long arms with fingers that could be used as data probes. It had a scomp link port centrally located in the lower body. It had compound scanners along its enlongated cranium and was not equipped with a vocabulator.[1]

It had a small self-destruct charge to prevent it from falling into enemy hands or to protect the data it had recovered. The droid was also equipped with sound dampeners for covert operations. It cost 16430 credits when new.[2]


The NR-1100 was designed by the New Republic Department of Research and Development to assist with cracking the Imperial Information Center after the New Republic took control of Coruscant. For this assignment, they were generally hard-wired into place near a mainframe access port.[1]

They were also used to infect Imperial networks with viruses or steal important data from protected computer networks.[2]


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