The NRSS Founder was a starship affiliated to the Bureau of Scouting and Exploration Services (also known as New Republic Scout Service or NRSS). This ship, that had solar fins, docked on the Outer Region Foxar Scout Base.

At some point, it began a mission to survey planets in eight different star systems, searching for valuable natural resources such as mineral veins, and then return to Foxar Base. The crew included Deeve, Jarsa and the droids Effcee and REM-02. They only had to find one good vein and the whole trip would cover expenses, but the first five planets proved to be unfruitful. Besides, the solar fins of the Founder were damaged by Mynocks.

Deeve left the Founder to scout the fifth planet in their list. As it had a hostile, but breathable, atmosphere, Deeve was cladded with protective gear and a mask before he left the Founder. Initially Jarsa was intended to remain on board to contact Deeve through comlink, but she later decided to fix the solar fin while Effcee substituted her.

Deeve contacted the Founder before starting the survey, and again later because he had made first contact with a purportedly-hostile, tentacled local.


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