NTB-630 naval bomber

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NTB-630 naval bomber
Production information

Naval bomber[1]

Technical specifications

Engine unit(s)

At least 2[1]


Bomber ordnance[1]


At least 1 pilot[1]




Rise of the Empire era[1]


The NTB-630 naval bomber was a bomber manufactured during the Clone Wars by the Incom and Subpro Corporations. Built for at least one pilot and designed to attack capital ships in space, the NTB-630 was better armed and more maneuverable than the similar PTB-625 planetary bomber. The Republic Navy employed many of these bombers during the Clone Wars, and Jedi Master Wom-Nii Gnaden piloted an NTB-630 bomber during the Battle of Crombach Nebula.


The NTB-630 naval bomber was jointly produced by the Incom and Subpro Corporations during the Clone Wars. The NTB-630 was more heavily armed and armored than its close cousin, the ARC-170 starfighter, and the similar PTB-625 planetary bomber.[1] With a narrow spaceframe flanked by at least two large engines, the NTB-630 resembled other Incom/Subpro starfighters such as the Z-95 Headhunter, the PTB-625, and the ARC-170.[2] The NTB-630 was created to deliver its payloads while engaged in space battles, and was therefore also more maneuverable than the PTB-625, allowing it to get close to capital ships and avoid their turbolasers as it executed bombing runs.[3] The bomber was crewed by at least one pilot.[1]


The bomber saw common use by Galactic Republic forces during the Clone Wars. Jedi Master Wom-Nii Gnaden piloted an NTB-630 during the Battle of Crombach Nebula, and crashed into the Munificent-class star frigate Tide of Progress XII[1] after his bomber was damaged, causing the Jedi to lose control of his ship.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

The NTB-630 naval bomber was first mentioned in Revenge of the Sith: Incredible Cross-Sections, a 2005 book detailing vehicles seen in the film Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith. This page was reprinted in 2007 in Star Wars: Complete Cross-Sections. Later, the bomber was mentioned in the Databank entry of the ARC-170 starfighter on, and it also received its own entry in 2008's The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.


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