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"It was absolutely beautiful. Is it a love song? It sounds so lonely and longing."
"It roughly translates as, 'Nobody likes us but we don't care, because we're Mandos, and we're the best.' Sorry to spoil the illusion."
Jaina Solo and Goran Beviin[src]

A Mandalorian drinking chant was believed to have originated from a ban on Geris VI that prohibited Mandalorian mercenaries in the employ of the planetary government, from drinking in the local tapcafs.[1]

In the year 41 ABY, a group of Mandalorian revelers sang this song during a celebration at Levet's farm on Mandalore,[2] the Mandalorians' cultural homeworld in the Outer Rim.[3] Jedi Knight Jaina Solo, who was on Mandalore and staying at the nearby Beviin-Vasur farm at the time, heard the singing from down the dirt road and believed it to be a love song, attributing a much deeper meaning to its mournful tone due to her lack of knowledge of the Mando'a language. However, after speaking with her host, Goran Beviin, the true nature of the song was explained to Solo, though she preferred her own interpretation to the much simpler truth.[2]



Drinking Mandos

A pair of Mandalorians drinking at a cantina

Naasad'guur mhi,[1]

Naasad'guur mhi,[1]

Naasad'guur mhi,[1]

Mhi n'ulu.[1]

Mhi Mando'ade,[1]


Teh Manda'yaim,[1]



No one likes us,[1]

No one likes us,[1]

No one likes us,[1]

We don't care.[1]

We are Mandos,[1]

The elite boys,[1]

Mando boys,[1]

From Mandalore.[1]

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This drinking chant was first introduced to Star Wars canon in the opening epigraph of the tenth chapter of the Republic Commando novel, Republic Commando: True Colors. Authored by Karen Traviss and published October 30, 2007, the epigraph included a brief history of where the chant originated in the Star Wars universe.[1] The drinking chant resurfaced again in Traviss' third entry in the Legacy of the Force series, Legacy of the Force: Revelation, published the following year on February 26, 2008.[2]

The chant bears a strong resemblance to the British association football chant, No One Likes Us – We Don't Care. In addition to the fact that Traviss is a native of Britain, further evidence for the chant's inspiration can be found in that the chant features a series of simple word replacements that feature the Mandalorians and their world in place of the Millwall F.C. and its fans.


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