"Prove yourself worthy to me and Venamis by killing them."
"Yes, my lord.
―Darth Plagueis and Naat Lare[src]

Naat Lare was a male Force-sensitive Nautolan who was selected by Darth Venamis as a potential Sith apprentice.

Lare came from a loving family, but he was a problem child and changed schools very often following many expulsions. He had a long history of sadomasochistic practices, including pyromania and small animal abuse. Lare became a petty criminal on Glee Anselm until remanded by the authorities and committed to the Bedlam Institution for the Criminally Demented around the year 72 BBY.[1]

After escaping Bedlam with the assistance of Venamis c. 67 BBY, Naat Lare was sent to Abraxin to continue his training by hunting local marsh haunts near a Barabel settlement. Acting on a tip from the Bedlam Institution, both the Jedi Order, represented by Master Ni-Cada and his apprentice Lo Bukk, and the reigning Sith Lord, Darth Plagueis, intent on eliminating the competition, arrived on Abraxin in search of Naat Lare.[1]

Lare was attracted deep into the swamp by the presence of Plagueis. Plagueis, identifying himself as a Sith Master, tasked Lare to prove his worth by defeating the two Jedi who had been dispatched to locate him. With Plagueis looking on in secret, Lare failed in this mission and was felled by the lightsaber of Ni-Cada.[1]


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