The emblem of Naboo

The Naboo emblem,[1] also known as the Naboo royal crest,[2] was a traditional insignia of the Naboo, a group of Humans living on a planet of the same name. A flower-like symbol, it was frequently emblazoned upon clothes, jewels and other accessories worn by the monarch of Naboo and their entourage.[1] That emblem must have been created in ancient times, since it featured on an antique golden diadem that Queen Amidala wore with her traveling dress.[3] Another version of the emblem was used on the belt buckles of the Queen's handmaidens[1] and on the vertical banners that hung on the facade of the Theed Royal Palace.[4]

That symbol was omnipresent on all things of Naboo make or related to the Naboo. When Amidala became senator, her sleeping quarters aboard her J-type diplomatic barge had a rug with the Naboo emblem on it.[5] The stylized flower even appeared on the S-130 Shelter speeders used protection in hazardous environments.[6] During the Festival of Light that celebrated the anniversary of the Naboo joining the Galactic Republic eight hundred and forty-seven years before the Clone Wars, the emblem was featured prominently in a fireworks display.[7] In that display, the colony starship that brought the first Human settlers on Naboo was represented by the flower-like emblem crashing on the planet's surface. It was also shown emblazoned on the coat of Kwilaan, the famous explorer that discovered the Naboo system.[8]

Behind the scenesEdit

Naboo emblem

An upside down variant of the Naboo emblem

According to an article published in the Vogue fashion magazine, the stylized flower that was used as the Naboo symbol was inspired by Art Nouveau motifs.[9] It also bears resemblance[1] to the fleur-de-lis, a conventionalized iris in heraldry, which featured on the former royal arms of France.[10]



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