"Nada Synnt (oh, please, Trooper …) has been keeping his operatives away, but this must have changed with Tion's death, since Danken and a couple of others are definitely drifting in that direction."
Cynabar's InfoNet[src]

Nada Synnt was a common alias used by a smuggler who was in charge of a group of operatives. He was sometimes mentioned in Cynabar's InfoNet reports.


The male smuggler known as Nada Synnt led an organization that operated during the Galactic Civil War. "Nada Synnt" was one of many aliases adopted by the smuggler, but it was the most prominent and widely used, and he was famous enough in smuggling circles to be mentioned regularly in updates from the Cynabar's InfoNet NewsNet. In 0 ABY, following the death of Lord Tion on Ralltiir, Synnt authorized his operatives to start smuggling goods through the blockade of Ralltiir. He had previously kept his organization away from Ralltiir.[1]

Several months later, Synnt was still operating under the "Nada Synnt" alias, which Cynabar considered to be a record. By that point, he had lost his main supplier of repulsorlift components, but had acquired a new ropaji dealer and was starting to encroach on Jabba the Hutt's operations.[2]

A year later, Synnt had finally shed the name, and was operating under the aliases "Tosin Dise" and "Benner Dunnit". He was also flying a new Starship, a Corellian Desslin named the Pareesh D'Thot, which he used to help the Galactic Empire "misplace" rawmat shipments.[3]

Nada Synnt's name was later used by the bounty hunters Tinian I'att and Chenlambec to fool Bossk into thinking Han Solo was present on Lomabu III.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

Nada Synnt's true name is not revealed, but in Star Wars Adventure Journal 3, Cynabar refers to him by the designation "Trooper", which may be a reference to Alexsandr "Trooper" Badure. However, no source had positively equated the two characters.


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