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"The malfunction goes in before the name goes on!"
―An engineer, in regards to Nadir Corporation.[src]

Nadir Corporation was a broadly based electronics and robotics company based on Travnin with a small, wholly automated starship yard at Travnin Spaceport. It was unique in that the entire corporation was controlled by droids, organic beings were limited to sales and design work for their personal holo gear, their most profitable product line. Their technology was known to be badly made, and would often malfunction. During the Galactic Civil War, they designed a new and radically improved holocorder model. They stored the prototypes for these in Warehouse 59 and over 100 of them were stolen by a smuggler and his crew working for Neena along with a Thelman Converter. Unknown to the group, they had planted homing beacons on all the prototypes and they sent assassin droids after the group to get them back. The group managed to defeat these droids, however, and escaped to their ship where they installed the Thelman Converter. When they tried to flee to hyperspace, however, the converter malfunctioned and activated another homing beacon, causing a small ship to come towards the group's ship.