"Y'know, when I first met you, I thought you were unique…an' I gotta say, the thought of a whole race of your kind is really depressing. One of you was too much."
Han Solo to Commander Ozrei N'takkilomandrife[src]

The Nagai, (pronounced /nɑ'gɑ.i/) also called the N'Gai and the Knives, were a species from the satellite galaxy Firefist who invaded the wider galaxy in 4 ABY.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Nagai telepath

A Nagai telepath

The Nagai were near-Humans with pale skin, jet-black hair, gray eyes, and angular features. Their appearance gave the impression that they were dead rather than alive. They believed strongly in honor and battle, and crafted small, short-bladed weapons called Tehk'la blades. They lived on the planet Nagi, beyond the borders of both the Galactic Republic and the Galactic Empire in the satellite galaxy known as Firefist. Despite their isolation, a number of Nagai ventured into the wider galaxy, with some becoming Jedi Padawans in the days of the Republic.[3]


The Nagai were just developing superluminal travel when they encountered the Tofs, who followed Nagai scoutships to their home system and promptly began an invasion. The Nagai fought back, waging guerilla wars against their conquerors over centuries. To aid in their fight against the Tofs, the Nagai allied with a neighboring species, the Maccabree, outfitting them with mechanical limbs for ground fighting. They also allied with the Faruun shipwrights for vessels of war. Slowly a pathological hatred and fear of the Tofs developed, intensified by the Tof conquest of their homeworld Nagi. This drove the Nagai and Maccabrees outward into the nearby galaxy, which they referred to as the Skyriver. With the assistance of the Dark Lady Lumiya, a plan was developed to use the resources of the Skyriver to mount a liberation of their homeworld, and shortly after the Galactic Civil War had exhausted both sides, the Nagai struck.

The Nagai attempted to restart the Wookiee slave trade on Kashyyyk. They were originally known to the Alliance as "Knives", due to the Wookiee mispronunciation of an individual Nagai encountered there. As a result, they were encountered by the Alliance of Free Planets in 4 ABY to stop their actions.

After being stopped by Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, and Chewbacca, they regrouped with Lumiya and her faction of the Imperial Remnant in an attempt to destroy the Rebel Alliance and gain territory to re-establish themselves. After various skirmishes on Kabray, Kinooine, and Mandalore, they attacked Endor. With the aid of an inside agent, they learned all of the Alliance dogfighting maneuvers and were able to easily outfight them at first. Once the Rebels caught on, though, the tables turned, and they were driven off the moon.

The Nagai continued invading a number of other planets with their allies, such as Iskalon. Discovering a Tof force on the planet Trenwyth, they attempted to wipe them out but were defeated there. Launching an attack on Zeltros, the Tofs made themselves known. The Nagai's fear and hatred of the Tofs enabled them to form an unlikely alliance with the Rebels and Imperials to combat them. Repelling the Tofs from Zeltros, they signed a treaty with the Alliance and later ambushed the Tof crown prince at the planet Saijo and forced the Tofs to surrender, thus ending the Nagai/Tof threat to the galaxy.

After the surrender, the Nagai were given Saijo to settle on. Only a few did so, joining the Alliance; the others (accompanied by the Mandalorians) went to liberate Nagi from the Tofs. Their attempt to free the planet was ultimately successful.[2]

A Nagai male

Society and cultureEdit

Nagai were driven by a strong sense of personal honor, tempered by their own individualities. They feared nothing aside from losing their freedom and had little concerns for individuals outside of their own families, only aiding others when bound by honor or seeking personal gain.[2]

Nagai in the galaxyEdit

Gharn was a male Nagai Padawan who served the Jedi Order on Taris during the Mandalorian Wars.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Nagai were created by writer Mary Jo Duffy and artist Cynthia Martin. Martin came up with the visual design by looking at anime, and also drew inspiration from a Japanese comic about a tragic vampire - which, according to Martin, had a strong influence on her concept drawings.[4]



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