Nain Lup was a male Rodian who worked as an arms dealer, and who used the alias Karbo Jaxx when dealing with customers. Lup worked primarily in the Outer Rim specializing in the sale of small personal weapons as well as some custom armaments. He preferred to work alone, using his alias to sell to less savory buyers. When dealing with legitimate companies, Lup would use his real name, appearing to be a legitimate salesman. His base of operations was located near Telega Lake on a rimward world. Lup would use the body of water as a drop point for weapons, letting the purchasers pick up the weapons after he had vacated the area. Jaxx worked with the Rebel Alliance on numerous occasions, selling small arms as well as explosives. He had no direct affiliation to the group but had never betrayed them to the Empire. He aided the Alliance purely out of a desire for wealth, since they were desperate for weapons and would pay plenty to get them.