"I didn't set out to be a smuggler…"
"I know all the stories. Did you come from a broken home, are you a rebel against an unjust system, or are you earning the fee to buy your sister out of slavery?"
"Actually, I was a graduate student in Xenoarchaeology at the University of Ketaris. But when the University went bankrupt, it took my academic career with it. From Xenoarchaeology to smuggling is a more direct route than you might think."
"Especially if you cut Ethics class.''"
―Naj Pandoor and Jyl Somtay[src]

Naj Pandoor was a male Human freelance smuggler. As a teenager Pandoor was a student of xenoarchaeology at the University of Ketaris. Soon after the school went bankrupt, he decided to be a smuggler. Pandoor went with Doctor Frayne and Jyl Somtay on an expedition to Geonosis.

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Jyl Somtay and Pandoor fight back to back on Geonosis

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