Najarka was a planet in the Outer Rim's Rayter sector.


Najarka was located in the Najarka system, and was relatively far away from the system's sun. Three quarters of the planet's surface were covered in glaciers, while the last quarter was a sub-tropical rainforest around the planet's equator.[2]

The distance to the sun was so far that the planet could not collect enough energy to sustain life normally. Nevertheless, life developed around the planet's equator. It was assumed by the Imperial Survey Corps, that it was due to geothermal energy.[2]


During the Galactic Civil War, the Imperial Survey Corps launched a low-level survey of the planet. Several examples of native fauna and flora were taken to the Emperor's private and public gardens and to the Imperial Zoological Gardens on Kailor V. An Imperial Biological Research Center was located on the planet.[2]



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